Jean Brown (Nelson) was born and raised in Clarendon, Jamaica, West Indies. Raised by her single parent mother, she experienced a rough childhhod but is thankful that God was a real, active presence in her home. Her mother knew the Lord and introduced her children to Him. At the age of ten years old, Jean gave her heart to the Lord and has been on her journey since. She believes that God used every experience  in her life – good and bad- to make her the person who she is today – someone who is able to identify and empathize with individuals at all levels of society.

At the age of nineteen years old Jean migrated to the U.S. which she now calls home. Coming to America created its own challenges but Jean has been able to navigate them with the help of the Lord. In 1986 she married her sweetheart Desmond and together they are the proud parents of two sons – Danuel and Dejean. Jean’s singing ministry started at the age of 6 years old as she sang solo pieces at church and later in choirs. In 2003 she recorded her first album “Touch Through Me” followed by her second album “Safe” in 2006. God continues to bless through these projects and now she embarks on her third project “Hold On To Jesus“. Please pray that God’s Holy Spirit will continue to bless not only her but the people that she touches through her singing ministry.

Jean has had the opportunity to sing in the Carribbean, Canada, England and different parts of the U.S. She has served as singing Evangelist in a number of Evangelistic Crusades and also appears on Pathway to Hope Television program. Jean also speaks and presents seminars at churches, community events and Women’s Ministry Retreats. Anyone who knows Jean would attess to the fact that she is a dedicated woman of God who “ministers” through singing. “She has a way of reaching deep down in one’s soul and leave a mark there”, says a member of the crowd after a concert. Whether she is singing to a small or large group, you will feel ministered to.

In July 2005, Jean founded the GEM School – Girls of Eloquence and Morals program which serves as a spiritual finishing school for girls. This program is based in the Greater New York conference of Seventh Day Adventist and serves girls from all boroughs in New York City. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of New Jersey where she works with students at the Univesity level.

Please continue to pray for God’s fulfilment of His promises in her life as she continues to minister.